Our Mission Pledge 


I am Persuaded by the Teachings of the Blessed Bible – By Daily Reading, Meditation and Communion with My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – To Live an Upright Christian Life – To Practice His Teachings in My Dealings with My Fellow Man – To Dedicate My Talents and Give of My Time, Influence, and Means to Teaching or Spreading the Christian Religion at Home and Abroad – To Win Souls Through Personal Service for Christ –To Encourage and Help in the Enlistment of Young People in Christian Work – and Make My Home a Center of Christian Light and Love.

To These Ends – I pledge – to Devote Myself and Seek Divine Aid and Guidance Daily – That I May Become a Living Witness and a Bright and Shining Light for My Lord.


Our Purpose

The Purpose of this ministry shall be to stimulate a Missionary Spirit in the Men, Women, and Young People of this church by Prayer, Study of the Missionary Message of the Bible, and World Mission task of the church; in order that Christian Character maybe developed among its members and the efficiency of the church increased by helping to carry out the Great Commission of our Savior’s last message – To make Disciples of all Nations.


The Key Word of His First and Last Commission concerning the Kingdom is “GO!”